Solo Exhibitions

Here is a list of all of Remy’s solo Exhibitions of his career and life.

1996: In Paris the – “loss of sight in the direction of body
1999: Paris – “We cannot say we didn’t know”
2000: Romans – “2000 Geneviliers”
2003: Paris exhibition – ” Out of the way”
2006: Tryoes – “Bad dreams”
2008: French Institute – “Photo Levalois”
2009: Frankfurt – “The Valley”
2010: Lectoure – “Shadows”
2011: Rouen – “Black Churches”

There you have it


In todays society urban landscapes are changing and so is photographer. Times are evolved from when remy marlot was in his prime. These days it is all about how bug and how fast verus how unique and how differently beautiful we can make something. I think that added a real element to remys work as he had the perfect landscapes to work with in his day rather than what is being produced right now.

It does however not happen overnight these changes and often they do change cause of social requirements or needs and most of the time innovative ways. We are always changing and evolving and photography is no different. The way photos and videos are taken, captured and edited. It will be the same in 20 years time things will be different again.

Remy marlot was indeed a beautiful artist behind the lens and the urban landscapes he had too work with were to some beautiful art. As times change we don’t forget about the past though, as people like remy will be remembered.

Another piece

A dark and mysterious piece. However one that defines and showcases off the lovely traditional style building in a very raw yet beautiful way.

An interesting thought as to what he was trying to capture in this photograph and whetehr or not he has been successful in peoples interpreattion of the photo. A great picture indeed.

Other Photography types?

An interesting question to ask, is if Remy was involved in other types of photography and if he published any work based on these types of photography.

Perhaps portrait, fashion/beauty, nature, wedding, whether or colour experiments. Although known for his urban scapes it is an interesting thought as to what types of photography developed him into the style that he has produced for us to all be memorised by.

Something a little different

Remy Marlot a great photographer, inspiring many of my own pieces of work. However something that has caught my interest as of late is different methods, services, and ways of capturing the moment. Whether it sbe the newest generation thing of ‘selfies’ where photos are taken of yourself by yourself to show others where you are, what you are doing, who you are with or how you are feeling.

Other ways include the latest and greatest action camera footage using GoPro’s and various mountable cameras that are shockproof, waterproof, dustproof and can be placed on your hands, head, board, bike or body. Or perhaps something similar to a selfie but to include the whole gang, a photo booth , an area designated to capture particular points in time that you set and ready yourself for, with an instant print out to enjoy and share.

What will be next. Will it be a new style of photographer (upside down photos perhaps), maybe it will be new technology or perhaps it will do a complete turn on its head and go vintage once again. Only time will tell. Regardless though things can always be appreciated and remembered with photos and shared all over the world, whether you are in Perth, Melbourne, Miami, Africa, ITaly and everywhere.


Remy Marlot

A great photographer, inspiring works and pieces of photographic work, photographic knowledge and photographic services and products.

One of many who can use a lens to create magic for different things.

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